Imants 57SX Series Sand - Sandy Loam

The 57SX spading machine / spader is the the biggest spadingmachine for normal agricultural use ( working depth 15 till 35cm). The 57 series spading machines represent the heaviest and fastest in the range and are supplied as standard with a built in Spiro Consolidator. This model is built for 6 cylinder tractors rated at up 180 kw and like its used to prepare ground from stubble to seedbed in one pass. This machine is chosen by large acreage arable farmers and contactors. The capacity of the 3 metre version can be more than 2.5 hectares/hour.

The machines is specialised for sandy and sandy loam grounds. And is very good for incorporation of green manuring and clay.

Main tillage and seed-bed preparation, possibly in combination with a planting machine, can now be done in one single pass covering unprecedented large acreage.
More than ever, the well-known advantages of spading such as mixing the soil thoroughly, improved water management, breaking up the plough pan and the improved use of fertilizer remain valid.


The spading machine has an ideal working speed of 9.0 km/h / 6.5 mph, which amounts to an output of 2.5 hectares per hour. In order to reach this speed, the machine is equipped with a spade shaft fitted with 6 spade arms per rotor.
Due to the large diameter of the spade shaft it is possible to incorporate large amounts of crop residue into the biologically most active and oxygenated topsoil. The large and power driven Spiro Roller is placed behind the spade shaft. It ensures that the seed bed is very evenly formed as this is necessary for the germination of seed. The machine is fitted as standard with an accumulator with a gauge that can be used to reduce the ground pressure of the rear "Spiro" roller resulting is 10% more fuel efficiency.This can be necessary when heavy seeders are added on or if the soil does not have sufficient bearing strength.


Tilling with 57 series Imants Revolution is cheaper than with a plough. Just compare your passes with the 57 series Revolution spading machine and you will reach a surprisingconclusion: it is cheaper, more efficient and germination is better as a result. In other words, it saves money! By combining the spading machine with a seeder, you can save yet another pass.
The machine is available in the working widths of 3.00 metres /12 ft and 4.50 metres / 15ft. The most popular machine in Europe is the 3 metre-wide model. With the 57 series Revolution in 3 metre width, 2.5 Ha per hour is more the rule than the exception. For the Australian and US farmers we have the special trailed version.


Large-scale cropping farms where the cost of fuel and labour has a very big impact on the balance sheet and, last but not least, agricultural service supply agencies which can work large acreages in a short period of time at low costs.


The spading machine is equipped as standard with a heavy-duty Walterscheid power take-off (PTO) with torque limiter. The spader is made with a heavy duty planatairy gearbox.The spading machine also features as standard a quick-change system for the spade blades and a complete lighting system. In option you can choise a tow frame with trailer coupling to pull anaother machine of rollers.

Imants have their own demo team with whom they regularly pass through the country, giving you the option to se for yourself the machine in action in your region.

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