Imants 58SX Series

The new spader serie3 58SX of the Imants spading machines. The first model of the new series is the 58SX with the Prismaroller or the cageroller (if you want another roller please ask). This machine is perfect for light and middle clay soils.

The spader is perfect for tractors with >250HP with an ideal working speed of 9km/h . The available working width on the moment are 12 and 15ft. The possible working depth is between 15 and 35 cm.

The spader is perfect for reducing passes of tillage. You can easily incorporate huge amounts of organic matter. Organic matter is mixed into the top layer where oxygen is available and micro-organisms are able to break down the organic matter easily. This way straw, corn stubble, green manure and compost can be evenly combined and provide the soil with the necessary nutrients. The unique construction of the spader won't create a hard or plough pan. Therefore there will be a better capillary action and water management so that nutrients and minerals are easily available to the plants. Due to the fact that the rotating spade shaft pushes the spader forward there is no wheel slip and smearing and the tractor drives on top of the soil instead of in the furrow as with ploughing. The spader eliminates all the compaction and makes a perfect seedbed. All with less fuel consumption per hectare.


  • Lower costs.
  • Intensive way of working the soil.
  • Less fuel consumption per hectare.
  • Effecient water management.
  • Less compaction.
  • Greater incorporation.
  • Higher workrate.
  • Better soil structure.
  • Single pass operation.
  • Choose your one roller.

The first models of this new series were introduced at the World AG EXPO in Tulare. The first machines are already sold in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

If you are looking for the spading machine with the driven crumble roller for light soils and to create the perfect seedbed in one pass, you can't go past the 57SX Series.

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