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Imants Spaders

Our IMANTS spaders have been proven to improve soil resulting in better crops for our farmers. This range also includes fumigation and tillage machines.

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Juscafresa Cut & Carry Feed Out Wagons

Our JUSCAFRESA self harvesting and feeding wagons are the ideal machines for green feeding.

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Welcome to Ag Machinery Specialists. We are suppliers of high quality agricultral machinery. Our products include the innovative spading machines by IMANTS, the heavy duty KTwo muckspreaders and push trailers and the Juscafresa cut and carry feedout wagons.

Our machinery has been tried and tested here in Australia and proven to be effective in providing farmers with effective and long lasting machinery. We understand the importance of machinery in farmers day to day lives which is why we are focused on providing high quality machinery that you can depend on for years to come, not only that but can add value to your operation.

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